Case Management

Primary Counsellor

The Primary Counsellor is a residential counsellor assigned to the clients, and will assume the responsibility of ensuring that all of the components of the clients’ treatment plan are completed and implemented. Other program staff, who respond to clients’ requests, must ensure that the Primary Counsellor are kept up-to-date on all client activities.

The key role for the Primary Counsellor includes the clients’ transition from the community to Ka-Na-Chi-Hih. The Primary Counsellor will maintain contact with the referring agency and the community thus ensuring that the appropriate discharge plan and aftercare follow-up.

Additional to the success of the program, the Primary Counsellor will:

  • Organize the greeting and celebration of the client’s arrival.
  • Coordinate liaison with referring agencies.
  • Coordinate visits by consulting professionals.
  • Contact with the client prior to placement.
  • Act as the primary contact for the client’s home community.
  • Coordinate with the assessment testing.
  • Work with the client to assess progress and set new goals.
  • Develop Case Plans.
  • Coordinate admissions and discharges.
  • Initiate and implement discharge plan.
  • Ensure after care follow-up.
  • Ensure appropriate re-admission capacity.
  • Provide individual counselling.
  • Monthly progress reports