Ka-Na-Chi-Hih has reopened.

We have resumed operations, however visitors are not allowed on-site due to COVID-19.


Ka-Na-Chi-Hih Board and management

Welcome to Ka-Na-Chi-Hih

Ka-Na-Chi-Hih (KNCH) is a solvent abuse treatment centre situated in Thunder Bay, Ontario. It serves First Nation Youth, ages 18 to 30 from across Canada. A twelve bed long-term facility, KNCH provides holistic care through traditional as well as contemporary treatment methods. 


The word “Ka-Na-Chi-Hih” means “To Keep One Sacred” in Ojibway.

The Ka-Na-Chi-Hih Program

Our long term treatment program for chronic solvent abusers hosts clients in the program for a minimum stay of six months and up to two years, consisting of two phases of the treatment program.

Phase 1, the "Core Group Program", consists of 17 weeks of programming where groups are designed to educate the clients on healthier skills to help face the ongoing challenges in their lives and also receive one on one counselling sessions. 

Phase 2, the "Individualized Treatment Plan", consists of four areas the clients can focus on, education, developing life skills, exercising self-help groups, and attaining job skills through volunteer programs. 

Our Mission

In keeping with the sacred teachings of the Creator, Ka-Na-Chi-Hih will provide a nurturing and supportive environment for First Nation Youth who are embarking on their Healing Journey to Wellness of Body, Heart, Mind, and Spirit.

Our Vision

That all youth who have been a part of Ka-Na-Chi-Hih will have gained the strength and skills necessary to continue on their life’s path with pride, dignity, respect and a strong sense of identity. They will have achieved balance in their life’s long journey towards fulfillment and will be contributing members of their communities and to society.

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