What to Bring

Pants / Joggers / Jeans
Underwear / Undergarments (season appropriate) / Socks
Sweatshirts / T-shirts / Sweaters
Gym Clothes / Swimsuit
Shoes / Runners / Slippers

Parka / Winter Coat
Mittens / Gloves / Toque / Scarf
Sandals / Baseball Cap
Rubber Boots / Rain Suit / Winter Boots

Toiletries / Personal Items
Deodorant (non-aerosol) / Toothbrush / Toothpaste
Combs / Brush
Pictures (without Glass Casing)
Discman (Optional)
CD's Suitable Content Only (improper or offensive cd's will be in lock-up)


Please do not bring any of the following items:

Lighters, hair spray, cologne/aftershave or lotion, shampoo, razors, mouthwash, aerosols, gang paraphernalia, prejudicial articles, acne pads, any sharp objects or items that contain alcohol. Any of the stated items will be immediately disposed of.


*All luggage will be searched upon program entry.
Discmans are for leisure time use only. Explicit music is unacceptable. Please leave laptops at home.

Any letters or packages received during treatment will be searched; prohibited items will be immediately discarded.

I.D., moneys and tobacco products will be held by Ka-Na-Chi-Hih staff until appropriate time of use. These items will be returned to the client upon discharge.

DO NOT Bring

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